Surcharge - Handmade Darkroomprint from Digital

Surcharge for recording digital images on analogue medium format film (Kodak TMax 100 or Ilford Delta 100).

Please note: This is a special price , only usable if you also order handmade prints from these negatives (minum size 24x30cm on RC-paper or all fiber papers) in the same order.



In a first step, your digital images will be recorded with high resolution of 8K on black & white medium format film (Kodak TMax 100 or Ilford Delta 100) and chemically developed.


In the following step, I will use this negative to make a classic handmade darkroomprint on RC or Fiber papers.


You will receive the negative additional to the handmade silvergelatinprint for direct future orders or just for archival purposes.


file format:  Save your digital files with highest resolution possible as tiff-file  (if possible, with LZW – compression)

colour profile: sRGB-Format.

file transfer: CD/DVD, USB-Stick, WE-Transfer



Sonderpreis, nur gültig bei gleichzeitiger Beauftragung von Handabzügen

25,00 €

  • verfügbar / available
  • 1-3 Tage / 1-3 days1