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the lab will be closed during holday time

from May 15th until June 10th.

Beginners Workshop B&W Film Development

Course Contents:

  • Market overview and differences of currently produced films
  • Choosing the "right" film for any occasion
  • Choice of film developer
  • Development of your own film
  • Advices for developing your film at your home


about 2,5 - 3 hours

one-to-one lesson  (course dates arranged by individual agreement)

group lessons  for 2-3 people possible on request. (Please contact me for more info)


Incl. chemicals and negative sleeves.

Please bring an exposed black and white film (no Ilford XP2 oder Kodak BW 400CN !)  to the course date.


Level: beginners


75,00 €

  • verfügbar / available

Beginners Workshop Darkroom Printing 1

Introduction to work in the analogue darkroom


  • Theroretical and practical introduction to work in a darkroom
  • Handling of photographic chemicals, material and lab equipment
  • Making a contact sheet
  • Making photograms
  • Evaluation and selection of negatives for printing
  • Making your first handmade prints from negatives on black and white photopaper (RC-papers)
  • Introduction to advanced techniques like dodging and burning


about 8h

one-to-one lesson  (course dates arranged by individual agreement)


Level: beginners

200,00 €

  • verfügbar / available