Black & White Film Development


I develop black & white films in a

JOBO CPP3 rotation processor with Kodak X-Tol developer.


This combination guarantees reliable and even development with fine nuanced tonality and a good compromise between acutance and finegrain.




You can also chose manual development in a classic inversion tank in the addional options below for a small extra charge.

This type of development with its alternating phases of stand and inversion increases the so called edge-effect for a peak more acutance and contrast.
I recommend this kind of development especially for films with classic emulsions. My standard developer for inversion development is Adox Rodinal.


Add contact sheets or negative scans to compliment your order.


If you like me to use a special developer from the list below, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Choose "alternative developer" under the add. developer options.



Here are some examples of usable developers:

  • Adox Rodinal
  • Kodak XTOL
  • Adox Silvermax Developer
  • Kodak D-76
  • Ilford ID-11
  • lford Microphen
  • Tetenal Ultrafin T-Plus
  • ...

B&W Film Development 135 ( 35mm)

6,50 €

  • 0,02 kg
  • 1-3 Tage / 1-3 days1

B&W Film Development 110 (pocketfilm type)

B&W Film Development of Lomo Orca 110

9,00 €

  • 0,02 kg
  • 4-10 Tage / 4-10 days1

B&W Film Development 120 ( medium format)

6,50 €

  • 0,02 kg
  • 1-3 Tage / 1-3 days1

add. Development Options

3,50 €

  • 1-3 Tage / 1-3 days1

Maximum Scanning Resolutions (depending on negative format)

Scan S: 1228 x 1818px, jpg-files  (printsize at 300dpi about 10x15cm, large enough for  picture selection and smal prints or website pictures)

Scan M: 1535 x 2137px, jpg-files  (printsize at 300dpi about 13x18cm)

Scan L:  3000 x 4500px, tiff-files   (printsize at 300dpi about 25x38cm, for large prints or high resolutions website pictures)


Scans are corrected in tonality and brightness and are slightly sharpened.

Please not: You might need to remove some dust manually, because the automatic dust removal software does not work with black and white films.


Option "ARCHIVE"

Save money and time


Choose this option, if you are planning on ordering handmade prints from your developed films after having them developed. Your films will be archived at my lab until you have decided which negatives you woul like to have made prints from.

Later your films will be shipped together with your prints or with a following order.

(If you wish, shipping your negatives is of course possible at any time with the obligatory shipping costs. )



Data Transfer

You will receive your image files as download link via We-Transfer.



General Notice for development services:

Your pictures and negatives will ne handled with great care as if they were my own. In case of  damages on the material under my care, the material will be replaced by unexposed new one. Further claims are excluded.